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LASIK Eye Surgery



Gain a Basic Understanding of LASIK - A popular surgical procedure designed to correct what are known as refractive errors in vision. It entails the precise ablation, or removal, of corneal tissue using a specialized laser, known as an excimer laser. The end result is a reshaping of the cornea which changes its ability to focus.

ophthalmologistBenefits of Custom LASIK - Custom, or wavefront, LASIK is an advanced form of refractive eye surgery designed to correct higher order aberrations. For patients whose vision problems are not limited to simple nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, custom LASIK may provide a solution by correcting the microscopic imperfections in the cornea. Learn about the advanced techniques used that can result in a greater chance of achieving 20/20 vision while reducing the potential side effects.

What are the Benefits of LASIK - For millions of people that have opted to have laser eye surgery, PRK or LASIK the overwhelming majority have experienced positive results. That is, a restoration of their vision and, in some cases, elimination of the need for glasses.

Potential Risks Associated with LASIK - As with any surgical procedure there are risks associated with any type of laser eye surgery. Most risks of complications are related to the flap that is created in the cornea. The proper healing of the tiny incision to this very delicate tissue is crucial to the outcome of the procedure. Then there are the risks of over correction and excessively dry eyes. In severe cases of over correction, further procedures may be necessary to correct the problem. Most patients will experience dry eyes to some degree or another.

Preparing for Laser Eye Surgery - Eye surgeons thoroughly evaluate all LASIK candidates to avoid high risk situations. Only after a patient passes the screening process is it time to actually prepare for surgery. Preparation starts with an evaluation of the patient's particular vision problem and the health of the eyes. Doctors may advise that patients do not wear contact lenses for a few weeks before surgery to reduce the chances of altering the shape of the cornea. Obviously on the day of the surgery the patient should be well rested and hydrated. Women should not wear any eye makeup.

laser eye surgery procedureHealing After LASIK - All patients will experience some discomfort post surgery. In the majority of cases this is in the form of itching and redness due to the mild inflammation. For those who are experiencing dry eyes, doctors will prescribe eye drops. The utmost care must be taken to not dislodge the healing flap. It is so delicate that excessive blinking can move it out of position. The possibility for infection also exists and doctors can provide antibiotics if one occurs that can interfere with the healing process.

Common Vision Problems - The most common vision disorders that are treated with refractive eye surgery are myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. Nearsighted people have difficulty seeing objects in the distance and the condition generally worsens during adolescence and the early twenties. Conversely, those with hyperopia have problems seeing near objects. This condition can be the result of reduced focusing power of the eye or even by the eye itself being too small. Astigmatism is related to an irregular contour of the cornea which affects the passing of light and images onto the retina. It is usually present in the individual from birth. LASIK is a potential treatment for these common vision ailments.

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