How Much Does LASIK Cost



Anyone who is interested in getting LASIK surgery to correct any vision problems, must also consider the cost of LASIK. LASIK surgery is a bit expensive as it usually paid for all at once. But knowing the difference in the types of LASIK available and the kind you need for your situation can greatly reduce the cost.

There are several different types of eye surgery to treat numerous vision problems. Depending on the diagnosis you have received prior to considering LASIK, will determine the type you qualify for.

Wavefront, or custom, LASIK corrects vision problems related to the structure of the eye. An image of the eye is generated beforehand using a wavefront analyzer prior to any surgery performed. The general cost is generally $3,000 and up.

cost of lasik surgeryIntraLase is fast replacing traditional LASIK surgery because it uses a laser to cut the cornea and it is more precise than a blade. The use of a laser to perform eye surgery reduces the risk of complications that can occur.

Photo Refractive Keratotomy or PRK is a more traditional type of LASIK used mostly for patients who suffer from steep or flat corneas and flat eyeballs. The PRK removes unnecessary tissue from the eye with a laser.

LASEK is for patients that have an abnormally thin or flat cornea have an increased risk for complications from having a LASIK procedure. For patients with that increased risk a procedure called Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis is commonly recommended. Instead of a microkeratome blade, a trephine is used. The recuperation time for this particular procedure is generally four to seven days.

Epi-LASIK is a mix of the LASIK and LASEK procedures. It is used for people who suffer from low myopia. A vibrating plastic blade is used to create the slit in the cornea. The average cost is between $1580 to $2150

CK LASIK is for patients who suffer from hyperopia and presbyopia. Radio waves and heat is used to reform the cornea and improve the vision. The average cost is between $1580 to $2750

As you can see LASIK can be a big cost to have to pay to be able to see properly. However many LASIK centers do offer financing and payment arrangements which will allow you to pay a certain percentage up front and make payment on the rest of the procedure as time goes by on a monthly basis. Taking advantage of the financing that's available will enable you to avoid putting off getting the procedure done and improve your eyesight right away. There will be no need to have to continue to purchase glasses or contacts since your vision will be corrected. LASIK surgery is actually a cheaper alternative to having to buy glasses and lenses for the rest of your life.




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