Halo Effect After LASIK



The ability to see the world around us in clarity seems like a simple desire. For those who have great eye sight it is quite easy to overlook the joys of good vision. Classic approaches such as glasses and  contact lenses have aided people in their quest to see things clearly for quite some time now, but each of these approaches has their benefits and disadvantages in turn.

The modern laser technology we have now has created a new and growing field of ocular repair and vision enhancement. The benefits are plentiful, but everyone should be aware that there are some slight side effects that are not uncommon. The halo effect after LASIK is a normal issue that is generally temporary in the people who experience it.

Glasses and contacts are becoming outdated in many ways. Both sight enhancement methods can work well for many people in certain kinds of situations, but they also have some drawbacks. Being able to see clearly is worth a little discomfort and hassle, or at least it used to be. With glasses there is a laundry list of issues that are often drawbacks to their use.

lasik halo effectImperfect field of vision is major problem with spectacles and eye wear of most kinds. Peripheral eye sight will not be aided at all in most cases. Fit and comfort are also hard to achieve with glasses. They can easily fall or slip off our faces if we have to move in a hurry. Swimming and most exercises will require specialized eye wear in order to do them without too much problem. No matter what we do our glasses will wear out and need to be replaced periodically. The costs are never ending in many instances.

Contacts can often be worn in more strenuous situations. A major step up from glasses for those who like being able to see properly without the obvious drawbacks of external eye wear. Contacts themselves are not perfect in any way. They do allow for a full range of vision though, and that is a great help for those active kinds of people. Letting a person look like themselves is also a benefit of contacts. They do have some issues with wear and basic maintenance.

Dry eyes are a problem and can be caused by all sorts of conditions. Extended wear is often hazardous to eye health. Any kind of dust or smoke will also cause for irritation and sometimes lead to the loss of a contact lens. The irritation can make for hours of misery or put a person in compromising situation with the sudden loss of sight. It is always wise to have back up lens and a pair of normal glasses when you wear contacts for daily use. Insertion and removal are a major hassle and major reason that some people shy away from contact lens use for vision improvement.

Luckily for us the use of laser technology has created a new way to see the world clearly once again. A means of ending the lifelong dependency on glasses and contacts both. LASIK is a form of laser surgery that precisely repairs the surface of the cornea to allow for proper and normal focusing. One outpatient operation can lead to the ability to see both near and far once and for all. A life changing experience for people of all ages and walks of life has become an everyday occurrence. The benefits are endless. The cost is of one operation can end the lifelong expense and dependency of eye wear of all kinds.

Everyone needs to be aware of the effects that can occur after LASIK before deciding to get the surgery underway. Things like the halo effect that has been known to happen to some people's vision after surgery are worth being aware of. Just what the halo effect is can best be described as a temporary hazy ring of light that emanates from light sources when viewed in certain conditions. Often low light situations and times of day will increase the appearance of this side effect. It has become known that large pupil size may also enhance the occurrence and strength of the halo or star burst effects after LASIK has been done. This can often be coupled with light sensitivity and slight discomfort at times or in particular conditions.

Now the big question would be as to just how long this effect will last. The good news is that the annoying and disorienting drawbacks of eye surgery will generally go away with in a short time after the operation. Sometimes the negative aspects of the operation will last as long as six months after the laser eye surgery has been completed. A little vision impairment will usually be a small price to pay in the process of getting perfect vision.

It pays to be prepared and aware. A world in which everyone can see clearly without aid is on the way. One step at a time we are overcoming the challenges that our bodies create in our lives. Checking out all the options and weighing the pros and cons is important to achieving one's goals. Do what is right and get educated before making any kind of major choice that will affect health and well being.

Check out the options in seeing better right way, putting off being able to see clearly and without inconvenience is just wrong. Try asking a trusted vision specialist what the advantages and disadvantages of laser eye surgery are if it helps with the decision. The important thing is to be able to see again and live a good life. Know all the options and be prepared for whatever may come, and in the end the haze will pass and the picture clear world will be waiting to be seen.




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