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LASIKPlus is a unique LASIK advantage program using state-of-the-art FDA approved equipment. Instead of a using only one approach like some LASIK clinics, LasikPlus houses multiple components in advanced treatment. Full range diagnostic equipment, as well as laser technology treatment platforms are what set LasikPlus apart from others.

Whether they use glasses or contacts, most patients have a desire to see the best they can. Modern day laser technologies are what experienced surgeons have come to expect from the LasikPlus Advantage experience. A customized treatment plan is available at all levels, including available financing for individual budgets.

lasik plus laser eye surgery centerAs a multi-branch provider of LASIK surgeries, services are available to patients needing corrective vision though out the nation. Its newest, most modern technology sets them apart from other facilities. Skilled, experienced surgeons working with the most intricate laser technology are ready to give their patients the best in customized treatment plans. In addition, flexible financing options make LasikPlus providers affordable.

Why Choose LasikPlus

Choosing a LASIK provider is an important decision when in need of vision correction. LasikPlus ensures the latest in technology for both exams and procedures. Their sentiment is to provide the best overall needs for every individual vision problem. This includes a free eye exam and post-operative care.

The right types of lasers are important to produce the desired results. Technology has improved over the last ten to fifteen years. Relying on 100% bladeless technology is usually the best choice for  patients in need of vision correction. It is the newest in modern technology and provides the most accurate means to correct errors.

Visit their website for more information. Schedule a free LASIK plus eye exam to ensure you receive a plan individualized for your budget.

Financial Options

LasikPlus offers unique financial options. Their payment plans can incorporate insurance benefits, co-pays and other family circumstances. The cost of each procedure is different. Add that to the type of treatment and the equipment used, and you can see that each surgery can have a very specialized price tag. Regardless of the cost, it is important to remember that in most cases, the cost of the surgery can be deducted from the life long cost of glasses or contacts.

The price of using precise technology and equipment is not cheap. It will naturally increase the price. Just look at the personalized treatment improvement as well as the reduced chance of adverse side effects. When deciding which one is best for you, take into consideration the aspects of safety and accuracy available with LasikPlus.

Personalized Treatment Plan

No one wants to be just another number. This is especially true when surgery is to be done on your eyes. Customized laser vision correction takes you and the uniqueness of your eyes into account. They want to provide the best possible outcome for your eyes. A treatment plan that looks at the individual aspects of your particular eye composition as well as personal needs of your eyes.

A LasikPlus treatment plan evaluation will look at the thickness of your cornea and evaluate what you do for a living or other activities. They will look at complaints of dry eyes or if you are involved in contact sports. Using all the information available, they will customize the perfect treatment package for you.

Custom LASIK surgery will consider those little differences that make everyone an individual. These may be that your prescription is very strong, or maybe you have small distortions in the eye. That is why a LASIK plus surgeon uses a detailed map of your eyes. Created by Wavefront scan to detect distortions, this equipment uses modern technology to prevent glares and halos for people with large pupils.




FDA Website for information on LASIK:

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